We established this company in the year 2013 with a sole mission of providing quality services and effective solutions for pneumatic products and Air requirements. Indus Pneumatic Solution has started the business by doing PPR pipe line erection work for 7 years with many leading brands.
Indus is working as a dealer for many leading brands of Pneumatic services all over Tamil Nadu. And now we can proudly says, that we are a “PPR Stockist”.
We are working along with our special team and we have completed more than 500 projects successfully in various divisions such as Car showrooms, Spinning mills, Garments, Rice mill packaging industries, Food industries etc. With our hardworking service engineers and our valuable customers, Indus has reached the main goal of “Dealership for Air compressors” in 2019. We able to fulfill all the requirements of Pneumatic products with passionate performances.
Business details:
Proprietor Name : Madhavan Subramanian
Date of creation : August 2013
Our Services :
• Air compressor service
• Compressed pipe line work
• Air auditing service
• Air dryer service work
• Pneumatic pipe and fittings
• Air preparation works
• Compressed air aluminium pipe line work
• Ms pipe line works
Working Areas as of now :
• Madurai
• Dindigul
• Virudhunagar
• Sivagangai
• Thirunelveli
• Tuticorin
• Ramanathapuram
Our Principal Customers :
• Audi
• Asir Maruthi
• Bharath Rubber India Ltd
• Chellsons Packaging Pvt Ltd
• Chima Tata
• Chola Group
• GHCL Ltd
• Intersnack Rajkumar
• KC+ Purity Assured
• Mahesh Value Group
• Mahindra
• Naga
• Mayil Mark Samba Ravai
• Standard Fire Works
• Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
• Tata Motors
• Camel Brand Safety Matches
• TVS Tyres
• Mahesh value product
• Rane TRW steering system pvt ltd
• ATG tires pvt ltd
No. of Employees with Indus : 12 (Both Sales & Service)
Management Team :
• Marketing Director
• Area Sales Manager
• Sales Executive
• Service Engineer
Contractual Team :
• Erection Team
• OEMs
Company Turnover : 1 Crore (2019 – annual report)
Company Specifications :
• We work with kind attitude in the business for our valuable customers and give our best quality in Air Compressor Maintenance Service.
• We are the leading organization in the industry to provide our clients the best quality of Air Compressor Repairing Service.
• Being a front runner in the industry, we are involved in providing our customers a highly qualitative Air Compressor Installation Service.
• We are offering Oil Free Rotary Screw Blower.
• We are offering Cast Iron Piston Compressor.
• We are offering Air Compressor Filter.
Our Profile:
Indus Pneumatic Solution,
No. 6C, West Perumal Maistry St, Madurai – 625001
Phone : 99944 86581,7373088817,0452 – 4987517
Email : indusppr@gmail.com
Website : http://induspneumaticsolution.com

Our company name is Indus Pneumatic Solution. Our company is located in Madurai.  We created this company in the month of August and the year 2013. Our propreitor name is Madhavan Subramanian.  Some of our main services are Air compressor dealers in Madurai, comp-air Air compressor dealers in Madurai, Reciprocating compressor dealers in Madurai, Air dryer service dealer in Madurai, Pneumatic pipe and fitting work in Madurai. Our first main business is PPR pipe line erection. Our company is the leading brands of pneumatic services all over Tamil Nadu. And now we are glad to say that we are a “PPR stockist”. Our services are Screw compressor dealers in Madurai, PPR pipes and fitting in Madurai, Prince piping system and PPR pipes and fittings in Madurai, Air preparation dealer in Madurai, Air auditing Service works in Madurai. We are working in the areas of Madurai, Dindigul, Viruthunagar, Sivagangai, Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Ramanathapuram, etc,. We reached the main goal of “Dealership for Air Compressor.” Some of our leading services are Aluminium Pipes Dealers in madurai, Simple Air aluminium pipes in Madurai, Simple Air Aluminium pipes dealers in Madurai, MS Pipe line works in madurai. We able to fulfill all the requirements of pneumatic products with passionate performances.